Earth and Fire 3rd Edition

Earth and Fire 3rd Edition


Earth and Fire 3rd Edition
Fri, Mar 6, 6-8pm
Café Muro
Cerrada de San Gabriel 1
Col. El Obraje
Throughout March

By Paul Duval

Earth, otherwise known as Mother Earth, is a Woman. She represents strength, stability and equilibrium. When intertwined with energy, joy, and passion, we have ceramic art. It comes together with earth, wind, fire and water and coalesces throughout its birthing process.

Working with clay has an almost spiritual element of creativity whether the piece be functional or sculptural. The selection process involving clay is diverse and its heat and glazes are only the beginning of the ceramist tools. Others include gas, electric, raku kilns as well as pit and smoke firings. The joy comes not only in the process of creating but when the artist finds the inner voice which best expresses the work. Using your bare hands or potter’s wheel, the work is painstakingly personal. For the individual potter the work itself provides energy and wonder without the constraints of time. It is a medium inherently natural, challenging but always rewarding often after much trial and error.

Rosa Torres is a master potter, ceramic artist and inspiring mentor, teacher and technical facilitator. Rosa discovers sinuous curves, folds and cavities in the material. Her students range from novice to experienced but they all hone their skills in her encouraging environment. Her technical expertise is paramount to the process. Tammy Watson explores the human form in all of its mysterious complexity concentrating on the head with all its shapes and forms. Ruth Probst combines individual clay sculptures with larger and more elaborate installations. She is challenged yet at ease when her hands, heart and head work together creating new work. Lindsay Duval is spontaneous by nature and is now exploring abstract figurative sculptures which helps expand the scope and breadth of her creations. Rosmari Martin Colea is a tenacious woman, architect, whose clear deliberate manner is apparent in her work. Liz Scott combines working on functional pieces while experimenting with glazes which can lead to surprises of all kinds. Colleen Krushelinski favors the raku process because it forces her to accept the element of surprise no matter what the outcome.

Seven innovative and talented women, artists and friends, led by an inspirational guide in the pursuit of self-expression. Come share their ceramic visions at Cafe Muro. Opening night is Friday, March 6 from 6-8 PM This special exhibition will be displayed throughout the month of March. Please join us! The address is Cerrada de San Gabriel 1, El Obraje