David Mendoza presents a Mexican and South America Folk Concert

David Mendoza presents a Mexican and South America Folk Concert


David Mendoza presents a Mexican and South America Folk Concert
Mon, Mar 16, 5:30pm
Casa Europa México
San Francisco 23
450 Pesos

By Alberto Robledo Cervantes

David Mendoza is a great multi-instrumentalist musician and incredible violinist who lives in San Miguel de Allende. Beyond his understanding of music, Mendoza understands feeling. He knows how to reach his audience with the lunging notes of his violin played from his heart.

Listening to his music is healing. Every note Mendoza plays tells a story that reveals a truth hidden from many, denied by others—that simple beauty is what we need to heal this wounded world. David is a musician who shares the secrets of music that make him vibrate and transmits them to the people he plays for. David knows that music is a shared path.

Mendoza will present a gorgeous South American folk music program at the Casa Europa México in San Miguel de Allende. As a multi-instrumentalist and composer, he has great knowledge about what happens on stage and an attentive ear that helps him to achieve what he imagines. He is a guide who takes both his fellow musicians and the audience to new experiences of the imagination. As Grammy nominee Michael Hoppé describes him, he is “incredibly expressive violinist,” and produces “one of the most beautiful sounds in San Miguel de Allende.”

On March 16, 2020, at Casa Europa México, David will share the stage with his family who taught him to love and feel music. His mother, Patricia Díaz, will accompany him with her soprano voice, Ignacio A Mendoza, his father, will accompany with guitar and his baritone voice, and his brother, Arturo Mendoza, will play double bass.

They will interpret traditional South American songs by composers such as Mercedes Sosa and Silvio Rodríguez arranged by the family with a feeling of unity, harmony, and tradition.

Every David Mendoza concert is a different experience full of emotions, love for music, love for family and unity, and with a great sense of community. People from different parts of the world have lived the experience and go home wanting to feel it again. No one can miss the opportunity to listen to David Mendoza with his family on stage.