“Dangerous Times Call for Dangerous Women”

“Dangerous Times Call for Dangerous Women”


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Conversations with Big Thinkers:
Pat Mitchell

“Dangerous Times Call for Dangerous Women”
Tue, Mar 17, 5pm
La Casona Event Center
Josefina Orozco 2 (across from Luna de Queso)
Tickets: Online: 250 pesos, i3sma.org
Paper tickets: 250 pesos, Biblioteca bookstore
At the door: 300 pesos

By Lisa Muhn

Pat Mitchell is clearly a very dangerous woman, and she wants all of us to become more dangerous as well. Recognizing that we live in times fraught with existential threats, her compelling call to action is one that will resonate with all.

When Mitchell first identified herself as a “dangerous woman” she was thinking that, having already had a successful career, she had “little to lose and less to prove” when standing up to injustice. Now, she says, she realizes that women can be dangerous at any age. All it takes—and this is no small thing—is a willingness to rebel against what society expects of you, to embrace your full power to create systemic change, to do what you know is right, especially when the people in charge call you crazy. Women who do those things are dangerous to a power structure that traditionally sidelines women, or worse.

Join Mitchell as she shares her belief that by “rewiring rather than retiring,” many of us find ourselves with the time, resources, and experience to address today’s challenges. The world does not belong to millennials any more than it does to those over sixty. Together we need to explore how we can create productive activism at both ends of the age scale.

Mitchell is a lifelong advocate for women and girls. At every step of her career, Mitchell has broken new ground for women, leveraging the power of media as a journalist and executive. The recipient of 37 Emmy and five Peabody awards for her work, she went on to become the first woman president of CNN Productions, PBS, and the Paley Center for Media. Today, her commitment to connect and strengthen a global community of women leaders continues as a conference curator, adviser, and mentor.

In 2010, in partnership with TED, Mitchell launched TEDWomen, where she serves as its editorial director, curator, and host. She is also a speaker and curator for the annual Women Working for the World Forum in Bogota, Colombia, and the Her Village conference in Beijing. She is chair of the Sundance Institute and the Women’s Media Center boards and a Trustee of the VDAY movement, the Skoll Foundation, and the Acumen Fund.

Her recent book, Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World (Seal Press, October 8, 2019) offers instructive anecdotes and hard-earned insight from Mitchell’s extraordinary life, plus interviews with other dangerous women including: director Ava DuVernay, journalist Christiane Amanpour, Democratic leader Stacey Abrams, activist and scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw, Mary Robinson (former president of Ireland), and many others.

Embrace your inner dangerous power! This is one presentation you won’t want to miss!