Bullfight Photography on Display at Instituto Allende

Bullfight Photography on Display at Instituto Allende


Bullfight Photography
By Jason Cloud Morgan
Daily 9am-1pm and 4-6pm
The Instituto Allende

By Jason Cloud Morgan

In the world of brave bulls, there is a saying that we caress the people we love, play the guitar, and toreamos (the thing done with the stick and cloth waved in front of a brave bull) with our fingertips. The results we get from each of these endeavors depends upon the sensitivity of the pads at the ends of our fingers.

Of all the animals in our world the brave bull is unique! He is conceived, born, and lives his life quietly in the fields. He is not a wanderer: there is no place he feels he must go unlike the American bison.

He is strong, tall, healthy, handsome, and at peace in his world, and he can outrun a quarter horse and jump a six-foot fence!

But when removed from the fields and put in a Plaza de Toros, he changes and becomes highly territorial. Each grain of sand in that bullring becomes his, and you, a measly human, are an intruder! He will maul and pummel you until you escape or cease to exist, and then, he will walk away. He didn’t conquer you because he was hungry: he’s a vegetarian. He destroyed you because you were stupid and wandered into his space and paid the price.

I have, over the years, half-jokingly, considered the brave bulls as the John Waynes of the animal world. And they are like him—big, strong, handsome, and confident, a confidence you can see in their eyes. Neither John Wayne or the bulls start fights, but we know that both of them will be there to finish them.

Brave bulls are warm-blooded animals like us, and each of them, like us, has different DNA. They can be similar, but no two are alike, and each is a living, breathing, thinking problem that the matador must solve in 20 minutes.

How well—how artistically—he will resolve this problem, no one knows! And that’s the reason we go to the plaza and wait impatiently to see what comes out when they open the gate. Come see my exhibition of bullfight photography at the Instituto Allende, daily 9-1 and 4-6 and we’ll talk about the bulls.