Bruce Sarbit Returns to the JC3

Bruce Sarbit Returns to the JC3


Drama Dialogs
Still Life
Wed, Mar, 3pm
Zusya’s End Game
Thu, Mar 5, 3pm
The Rebel and the Rebbe
Thu, Mar 19, 3pm
The Binding of Abraham
Thu, Mar 26, 3pm
The JC3
Calle de las Moras 45-47
(Corner of Cinco de Mayo)
Col Allende

By Carole Stone

Bruce Sarbit comes to us from a background as a psychologist and counseling instructor. After retirement, he has written and produced many plays including All or Nothing, which appeared at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Bruce has also taught such courses as “Art and the Modern Mind” and “Anthem: The Legacy of Leonard Cohen.” Sarbit’s essays, “The Rock Still Rolls” and “Madness Silenced” were published in PsyArt, an online journal for the psychological study of the arts. In San Miguel de Allende, he taught Existential Psychology at the Instituto Allende and “Hineni: The Jewish Legacy of Leonard Cohen” at the JC3. Last year his play, Hotel Azteca, was part of the Creative Convergence held at Casa de la Noche. This year, for the Playwrights’ Showcase, he wrote and acted in his play, Chameleon.

In all his work—plays, essays, and courses—Bruce deals with human suffering, limitations, alienation, and absurdity.

Sarbit returns to San Miguel offering a series of four “Drama and Dialog” plays at the JC3 followed by discussion. The first, Still Life, is on Wednesday, March 4, at 3pm. Itzy, is religious and his sister, Judith, is a secular, agnostic Jew. They explore their relationship with their father who’s in a persistent vegetative state and with each other as they bitterly feud over their father’s care. The play asks: How should we respond when we confront deeply challenging end-of-life issues?

His next play, Thursday, March 5 at 3pm, is called Zusya’s End Game. On Erev Yom Kippur, Rebbe Zusya wakes from a dream understanding that he is about to die and has not lived his life.  Zusya not only needs to change his life, but he also needs to stop his son from following the same path. This play asks: To and for whom are we responsible?

Sarbit’s third offering, shown on Thursday, March 19 at 3pm, is entitled The Rebel and the Rebbe. In this fictional play, Bob Dylan returns to the synagogue of his youth and encounters the rabbi who had prepared him for his Bar Mitzvah. Bitter because he knows Dylan became Christian, the rabbi wants to throw him out though his wife welcomes Dylan’s return. The play asks: How should we respond to those who have failed to meet our expectations but now want something from us?

Thursday, March 26 at 3pm, we revisit The Binding of Abraham. Many years after having almost sacrificed Isaac, Abraham returns to Sarah and his home. Hardened by his absence, disgusted by what he’d done to their son, Sarah binds Abraham and puts him on trial for the “attempted murder of a child.” The play asks you to assume you are a member of the jury. Whom will you believe, the plaintiff or the defense? Is Abraham guilty or not?

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