Art to Wear at Mexiquito

Art to Wear at Mexiquito

By Juan Sánchez

This is a new adventure that mixes love with sadness, happiness, and some disappointment too–and, of course, there are dozens of pieces to wear.

For the last few months, jewelry designer David Godínez has spent his time working in gold, silver, copper, and tombac (a brass alloy with copper and zinc) mixed with stones like opals, rubies, jade, agate, and sapphires.

The pieces, some heavy and some light, are designed to make people happy, the designer remarked in an interview. “I have seen people arrive at my shop, and I see how their frame of mind changes as they fall in love with a piece. They leave happy.” Godínez says the work is inherent in the stone “because I just follow it when I am working. It tells me where it wants to go and we get there.”

It has been almost 30 years since he worked on papier-mâché and tin arts and crafts. Once somebody told him he had no talent. After a life of work between San Miguel and the United States, he creates art to wear.