Art in the Garden

Art in the Garden


Art in the Garden
Dessert and Spiced Teas
Sun, Mar 8, 1-6pm
Calle del Perdón 19/21
Villa de Los Frailes
Tel: 415 121 0953
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By Louis Abrahamson

On Sunday, March 8, from 1 to 6pm, there will be an unusual display of art work in one of the loveliest gardens of San Miguel de Allende. The public is cordially invited to come and see a display of one-of-a-kind clay garden totems along with a variety of hand-made pottery, textiles, and jewelry. For the first time in San Miguel, we will be able to see a new collection of paintings by an artist who has not exhibited here before. These vibrant, colorful, wonderful paintings of San Miguel environs, along with paintings of horses and our beautiful countryside, will be displayed around the garden.

Jeanette Abrahamson is originally from Zimbabwe and has been working in clay and textiles for 50 years. Since coming to San Miguel more than 14 years ago, she has built a lovely garden close to the Presa and has enjoyed working in her small pottery studio which overlooks the garden that is the inspiration for her work. Abrahamson studied pottery making with Ann Thalmessenger in the UK during the 60s and 70s before immigrating to the US. She has worked documenting African craftsmen in her native Zimbabwe. In the early 90s, she set up a cooperative for women teaching dyeing and printing on textiles made into wearable art pieces. She loves textiles, and when not in her San Miguel clay studio, she works in her fabric and sewing studio in the US.

Richard Brown studied with James Penney and Walt Bartman and also with artists at the Corcoran Museum School in Washington, DC. He has exhibited paintings in Washington, DC that won prizes. Other exhibits in cities such as Vientiane, Laos; Nicosia, Cyprus; and Istanbul, Turkey, left samples of his work around the world. After he retired from a career as a US Foreign Service Officer, he has lived in San Miguel.