UU Service

UU Service


UU Service
“Beginning with Blessing”
Rev Laurie Bushbaum
Sun, Mar 1, 10:30am
Hotel La Aldea
Ancha de San Antonio 15, Centroj

By Paula Peace

In this Sunday’s service at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende (UUFSMA), Rev Laurie M Bushbaum, a guest UU minister from Carbondale, Colorado, will ask, “What does it mean to give a blessing or to receive a blessing? And why has that been a traditional religious word that makes many religious liberals uncomfortable? Is ‘blessing’ a word we can reclaim with meaning and purpose?”

The poet James Wright describes a blessing given him by ponies along the side of a road in rural Minnesota. And a young Unitarian Universalist studying violin at Juilliard plays his complete repertoire for the first responders at Ground Zero. Theologian Matthew Fox turned the whole concept of original sin upside down and begins his theology with original blessing. Let’s begin with blessing.

The Rev Dr Rebecca Parker wrote :

Your gifts—whatever you discover them to be—

Can be used to bless or curse the world.

The mind’s power, the strength of the hands,

The reaches of the heart,

The gift of speaking, listening, imagining, seeing, waiting

Any of these can serve to feed the hungry,

Bind up wounds, welcome the stranger,

Praise what is sacred, do the work of justice or offer love.

In Parker’s words, we begin to see the multiple ways in which we can bless or curse the world. As a shy, junior high Protestant girl, Bushbaum was once blessed at the communion rail by a Catholic priest. It left a lasting impression on her heart: 30 years later she recognized the moment as she prepared to lay her hands in blessing on children in her own congregation.

Bushbaum has served in the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for more than 30 years. A flat lander from the Midwest, she currently lives with her partner in Colorado and serves a congregation there. When not working, she skis, hikes, cycles, and enjoys yoga. Her work as a fiber artist has appeared in many juried exhibits.

Launching on March 1 is the highly renowned Unitarian Universalist Our Whole Lives (OWL) program, an eight lesson sexuality education program. This session is for children 5-9 years old. Interested parents and their children must attend orientation on March 1 from 10:30am-1pm. For details and RSVP, contact chris.chase1955@gmail.com.

Welcoming people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientation, and gender identity, the UUFSMA meets every Sunday at 10:30am at Posada de la Aldea, Ancha de San Antonio 15. Visitors are invited to attend the service and join us for coffee afterwards. The fellowship is wheelchair accessible. For additional information, visit our website at uufsma.org.