Surrealism Part Two: The Unconscious Revealed

Surrealism Part Two: The Unconscious Revealed


“Surrealism Part Two: The Unconscious Revealed”
Tue, Mar 3, 3 and 5pm
Béa’s Studio
San Jorge 64, Col San Antonio
300 pesos
Only 30 seats available
Please arrive early

By Béa Aaronson

As we saw last week, Freud was a key catalyst for surrealist art, a liberating force that excited, inspired, and convinced many poets and artists that their creative force had to thrust itself through the other side of the mirror in order to grasp more understanding about what it means to be human.

Through a brief biographical and historical contextualization, supported by numerous illustrations of paintings, sculptures, poem objects, photographs, movie clips and more, come and discover, or re-discover, the disturbing anti-Nazi dolls of Hans Bellmer; the warlike aggressive sexuality of André Masson; the alien aquatic mindscapes of Yves Tanguy; the decalcomania of Oscar Domínguez; the synaptic psychic abstractions of Robert Matta; magical realism,as Joan Miro called his brand of surrealism; the surreal pain in Frida Kahlo’s exorcizing haunting images; the apocalyptic power of Max Ernst; the mysterious totemic works of Victor Brauner; the photomontages of Man Ray; the mesmerizing critical paranoiac visions of Salvador Dalí; and last but not least, the cinematographic enchantments of Jean Cocteau.

Whether abstract or figurative, these artists will startle you with their visions. Some may even frighten you or disgust you. There is definitely a morbid dimension in most of them, particularly in the exacerbated sexuality they project. Remember, we are dealing with the dark, unknown territory of the unconscious and the hidden pulses of what Freud called the Id. Add to it the horror of the Second World War, the dead bodies, the blood, the exploded faces, the concentration camps¾need I say more? Yes indeed, truly frightening. But some surreal art will make you dream and feel as if you were going back to your childhood. Some will make you wish you were able to travel inside of your psyche, or to swim and fly in a world where there is no logic to incarcerate you. In any case, I promise you a fantastic visual journey through the kaleidoscopic labyrinth of the mind.