Ser Mujer

Ser Mujer


“Changing the World—One Woman at a Time”
Wed, Mar 4, 4pm
Sala Quetzal
La Biblioteca, Reloj 50A
100 pesos

Where Can We Live in Peace?
Thu, Mar 5, 2pm
Teatro Santa Ana
La Biblioteca, Reloj 50A
100 pesos suggested donation

By Carole Schor

Gretchen Kuhner will kick off Ser Mujer’s March program for International Women’s Month. Gretchen is founder and director of the Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI), a non-profit organization based in Mexico City that advocates for the rights of women migrants in the region through legal representation, policy advocacy, and strategic communication. IMUMI works to defend the women who have come seeking asylum for themselves and their children, especially those who have been detained, deported, and separated from the children they were trying to protect, or forcibly returned to dangerous situations in their home countries.

 Where Can We Live In Peace? Join documentary filmmaker Judy Jackson for the Mexican premiere of her latest documentary, Where Can We Live in Peace? This film focuses on what is happening in Mexico with Central American migrants fleeing violence, poverty, and climate change. It’s an update of her film Walk with Us, which followed a caravan of Central American migrants as it moved through Mexico a year ago. Where can we live In Peace? returns to ABBA House to find out how much has changed in a year. The film documents Pastor Ignacio Ramirez’s vision and work at the ABBA House and tells the difficult and distressing stories of migrants passing through. President Trump has all but closed the US, Mexican border. Mexico has reacted to his threat with policies that make the migrants’ journeys far more difficult and dangerous. Now, many migrants are asking, “Where can we live in peace?” The film will be shown Thursday, March 5, at 2pm, in the Teatro Santa Ana. Immigration attorney and San Miguel resident Rebecca Eichler will introduce the film and answer questions about the current conditions of the migrants at the borders. She has just returned from the border town of Matamoras, Mexico.  There is a 100 peso suggested donation asked for entrance to the film. Ser Mujer is a San Miguel de Allende-based group of Mexican, US, and Canadian women of all ages. Our goal is to promote the commonality of women’s issues across cultures and raise the awareness of women’s challenges and celebrate their accomplishments. Proceeds from Ser Mujer events are used to buy tools for low-income women studying to become electricians and plumbers in a training program offered by the Instituto de Mujeres. For more information go to