San Miguel Children’s Choirs on Stage at Instituto

San Miguel Children’s Choirs on Stage at Instituto

Musical Performances
“Amistad Canada 10th Anniversary Party”
Thu, Mar 12, 4:30pm
Instituto Allende
Ancha de San Antonio 22

By Nicole Mills

“Our Canadian guests will be treated to some unique and wonderful musical performances at the Amistad Canada 10th Anniversary celebration at Instituto Allende,” says Canadian and San Miguel de Allende resident Michael Dobbin, producer of the March 12 event.

One of the most irresistible performances will feature two of San Miguel’s favorite groups of singers, the Biblioteca Pública’s choir and the choir of Escuela de Educación Especial (EEESMA). The two choirs, conducted by Maestro Ramiro Granados for the Biblioteca and Directora Sanjuana Garcia Salgado for EEESMA, will perform separately and together in renditions of Latin American pieces, traditional songs, and one of EEESMA’s favorites, “Snow Bird” by Canadian composer and singer Ann Murray.

Miguel Ángel Barquet, executive director of the Biblioteca Pública, expresses great pride in the history of the choir: “The choir was founded in 2010 to promote the art of singing and is linked to our mission to provide, develop, and maintain educational and cultural activities that contribute to an integrated and harmonious community.” The choir garnered raving reviews in cities outside San Miguel such as Toluca, Guanajuato, and San Diego de la Unión, among others.

John Doherty, founder and president of EEESMA says: “There is a great poster in our school that makes me proud of our choir every time I walk past it. Our Deaf students are reminded that “Tus manos te dan una voz,” (Your hands give you a voice.) On March 12, our singers will use sign language to communicate the spirit and lyrics of the songs both choirs will perform. I cannot think of a better combination!”

According to Mark O’Neill, President of Amistad Canada, “The celebration is intended to increase awareness among Canadians residing in and visiting San Miguel about Amistad Canada’s mission and the projects of the NGOs it helps fund.” Nearly a dozen Partner NGOs each will have a dedicated interactive space around the Instituto Allende patio for guests to learn more about current work and future plans.

Amistad Canada has its origin in San Miguel, dating back to the 1980s, when a group of expatriates became active supporting local agencies to provide services to those in need. In order to help Canadians participate in such efforts, Amistad Canada was incorporated and registered under the Canadian Income Tax Act in 2009, making it easier for Canadians to contribute to the 14 NGOs currently in the Amistad roster.

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