Places Where Magic Happens

Places Where Magic Happens

By Jesús Aguado

Arts and crafts are a part of culture and include the techniques and the materials particular to a place. The workshops of local artisans in San Miguel de Allende are being opened to the public, and visitors will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the unique work they do. 

A nonprofit organization of the local government teamed up with the National Fund for the Arts to create the first artisanal corridor of Guanajuato in San Miguel. The idea is to support the growth of artisanal work. Local and federal offices invested more than 500,000 pesos to help eight long-established workshops improve spaces for exhibition, work areas, and restrooms. The integrated workshops work with metal, wool, and papier-mâché. 

“The corridor was created by the necessity of linking the producers with tourists and locals; also to promote artisanal production. This is how those who visit will understand the value, the context, and the culture of the pieces; their process of elaboration directly from their creators,” an official said at its opening. The corridor’s slogan is “create from the heart, and build with your hands.”

Joining guests at the presentation were dozens of artisans and city officials: Verónica Agundis, City Attorney; Francisco Garay, director of Economic Development and International Affairs; Emma Yanes Rizo, director of FONART; and Ubaldo Deanda, president of the corridor.

To find locations in the corridor, check the map enclosed in this article.