Jóvenes Adelante It’s a New Dawn!

Jóvenes Adelante It’s a New Dawn!

By Don Krim

At Jóvenes Adelante, we are beyond thrilled that 270 new applications have flown in the door in the past month, mostly in the past 48 hours. This is an incredible milestone for JA.

Jóvenes Adelante is always looking to improve. Last year we had 133 applicants and chose

28 new shining scholars for our most comprehensive educational support program in

San Miguel de Allende.

We took a chance this year and launched our first Mini Congress 1.0 where we invited potential applicants to attend an orientation and tour of the Instituto Allende, we refined our social media and radio outreach, and took our visual presentation to rural and city schools. Furthermore, we shortened our application process from six weeks to one month.

Our current goal is to accept 30 of these incredibly motivated new students into our program after we vet them. This will require a big financial commitment, as we recruit just nine more sponsors (we have 21). Our goal is to have sponsors committed to the program before we select the final students, so time is of the essence.

As we prepare for the next group of students, help us celebrate our recent graduates and their proud mentors and sponsors!

Carina Córdova, public accounting; Carolina Jiménez, nursing; Cynthia Marlet Sanchez, Psychology; Francisco Javier Zapatero, Mechanical Engineering; Juan Andrés Montańo, Mechanical Engineering; Karina del Carmen Rioyos, Industrial Relations; Karina Isabel Franco, Architecture; Manuel de Jesús Córdova, Medical Surgeon and Obstetrician; María de la Cruz Salinas, Mechanical Engineering; Miguel Angel Ramirez, Mechanical Engineering; Vanessa Alondra Gonzalez, Systems Engineering and Software Development; Yesenia Abigail Cruz, International Commerce; Yolanda Jazmin Luna, Mechanical Engineering; and finally, National Science Competition Winner Jonathan Emmanuel Salgado, Mechanical Engineering with these parting words as he heads off to work at Carrier in Monterrey: “If I had in one place all those who believed in me, I would say, ‘Thank you for believing and trusting me, I will not let you down.’ I know that I still have no way to return everything that I have been given but, I will do my best to return all that I have received.”

Jóvenes Adelante unlocks a radically expansive future for San Miguel youth by easing financial barriers to higher education and by nurturing their life skills and leadership abilities. For information to join our mailing list or to become a sponsor or volunteer visit our website www.jovenes.adelante.org, call 415 150 0030 or email info@jovenesadelante.org.