Community Church Welcomes Reverend Doctor Mark Fenstermacher

Community Church Welcomes Reverend Doctor Mark Fenstermacher

By Fred York

The Community Church of San Miguel de Allende, an interdenominational Christian church, is pleased to announce the arrival of Reverend Dr Mark Fenstermacher. He is our newest Minister in Residence (MIR) who will join us for two months each Sunday from March 1 through April 30, 2020.

Fenstermacher retired from the First United Methodist Church in Bloomington, Indiana, in July 2019. As a retired Elder in the church, Fenstermacher continues to serve congregations as interim pastor. As a son of missionary parents, he was born in Brussels, Belgium, and has lived or served in cities and countries as varied as Nome, Alaska, to Zimbabwe and Kenya in Africa.

He graduated with a BA from Indiana University (Bloomington) receiving a BA double major in Religious Studies and Political Science. He completed his Master of Divinity from Duke Divinity School in 1978 at Durham, North Carolina, and received his Doctor of Ministry from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago in 1994. He has served small and large congregations.

In his ministry Fenstermacher is known for unapologetically stressing the church as the community where all are loved and he is committed to radical hospitality. His sermons are grounded in the scriptures and he loves to tell stories to help people apply Christianity to their daily lives.

He is personally committed to the Christian community and open to all persons, whether old or young, straight or gay, rich or poor, conservative or progressive. He believes that people from all walks of life should participate fully in life of the church. He feels that women should serve in all levels of the church hierarchy. An important part of his ministry is sharing life with people, and then God shows up and grace has a way of becoming real when we listen to one another and share life together.

Fenstermacher enjoys relating to all kinds of people and has a rather informal pastoral style; and he loves to laugh, believing that humor and smiles are an important part of delivering God’s ministry. He is a sports enthusiast, enjoys music, film, and reading pre-World War II mysteries. He and his wife Sharon, raised three sons and he loves spending time with his five grandchildren.

Reverend Fenstermacher is looking forward to working with the Community Church of San Miguel which is known for its welcoming, friendly, embracing members.