Biblioteca Scholarship Students Applaud their Parents

Biblioteca Scholarship Students Applaud their Parents

By Breyton Méndez

A scholarship ceremony took place last Saturday, February 15, at 1:30pm, at the Biblioteca. The recipients of the scholarships and their parents attended with the honored students seated in front and their parents and family members in the back.

To start the Biblioteca program General Director Miguel Angel Fuentes shared a few inspirational words. After this, Alma Cervantes, the scholarship committee chairperson, gave a talk to encourage and motivate the scholarship recipients and remind them that whatever difficulties they might encounter, they could count on her support. Following these offerings, the checks were handed out to junior high, high school, and university student recipients. 

 At the end of the ceremony, Cervantes asked that the students turn around and face their families and the students applauded their parents. 

The Biblioteca provided drinks and hors d’oeuvres after the event, giving everyone a chance to mingle and exchange stories.