UNIMED Hospital More Than Just Urgent Care!

UNIMED Hospital More Than Just Urgent Care!

By Don Tanner

UNIMED Hospital San Miguel is upgrading and transforming its facility and administrative staff.

UNIMED is a global health care company operating for over 20 years. UNIMED maintains a fully equipped Hospital in San Miguel de Allende along with medical clinics in Sayulita and Ensenada, Mexico. UNIMED also operates medical clinics in Costa Rica and Roatan, Honduras.

Along with providing 24/7 urgent care, UNIMED Hospital boasts the latest diagnostic equipment, including MRI, CT Scan, and ultrasound machines, along with an on-site lab, operating room, and an intensive care unit with three beds. There are eight private rooms in the hospital.

One of the improvements is the hospital’s new director Valeria Ramirez. “One of my objectives is to increase awareness of our hospital’s services. I’m also implementing new procedures to enhance our quality of care and our image, as well as implementing new steps to update and streamline administrative procedures to provide the highest quality patient care. We also understand concerns regarding health care costs and have reviewed the market in the Bajio Region and are competitive in our pricing. Along with working with your insurance company, we now accept the VIP Club Card which entitles cardholders to a 10 percent discount on all services, except air ambulance transportation.”

UNIMED is the only hospital in San Miguel that stands ready to accept urgent-care patients 24/7 and operating two on-call, state-of-the-art ambulances. UNIMED hospital also provides preventative care! Our staff is bilingual and available to answer questions.

UNIMED welcomes walk-ins for regular checkups, by appointment, or emergency care. We offer home visits for medical services 24/7 (415 120 0465 and 415 121 9150).

Many healthy patients have voiced their positive experiences with UNIMED’s care:

“While galloping my horse on a tour two days after I arrived in San Miguel, I heard a pop in my back and immediately started experiencing severe pain. I was sure it was related to my degenerative disc disease, which I had for 15 years with sciatica and other problems.

The next day, January 26, 2020, I was in even more pain and asked my sister to take me to the hospital. We took an Uber to UNIMED Hospital. I was seen immediately and admitted for compressed discs. After consulting with neurosurgeon Dr. Guerrero-Perez, we decided to go with the least invasive tubular lumbar surgery. The doctor performed surgery two days later and I was up and walking pain-free within 12 hours! My sister received medical care from the clinic while I was in the hospital and was very pleased. I cannot say enough about the quality of the hospital facility, the attentiveness and professionalism of the doctors, nursing staff, and housekeeping staff. The care I received exceeded even North American standards of care.”

UNIMED Hospital, more than just Urgent Care!