“The Forgotten,” Portraits of the Migrant Woman

“The Forgotten,” Portraits of the Migrant Woman

Art Exhibit
Casa de la Noche and The Bordello Galeria present
“The Forgotten”
Portraits of the Migrant Woman
By Canadian artist Margo Godin
Fri-Sun, March 6-8, noon-7pm
Reception Mar 8, 4-7pm
Órganos 19, Centro, SMA

By Roselyne Landry

Casa de la Noche and the Bordello Galería are pleased to celebrate International Women’s Day with an exhibition by Canadian artist Margo Godin from March 6 to 8.

Godin’s paintings honor 19 forgotten women and inspired by vintage photos dating from the 1880s to the 1920s found in her mother’s belongings after her passing.

These portraits are of women from eastern Canada who left their communities hoping for a better life in the northeastern United States. Through this exhibition we travel to the imagined, interior world of these migrants. The women depicted were young and settled predominantly in Maine to escape 19thcentury poverty by finding work in textile factories.

These unknown and long departed women have most likely been forgotten. However, their destiny is repeated as hundreds of thousands of women leave their countries and face great danger in search of a better future for themselves and their children.

The artist has created a visual poetry of serenity and calm, capturing the inner sense of her subjects. Godin has observed, questioned, and studied the women at length from their clothes, their stance, and the expression in their eyes. Although they were from modest families, their clothes were often elaborate and elegant. Their stern posture reveals little of their personality, and Godin researched their long exodus, their new lives, and their feelings. These solemn paintings are respectful and offer the viewer a glimpse of these dignified and courageous women. Godin hopes to preserve their memory in these portraits.

An homage to unknown women, this series of portraits pays tribute to women facing fearful exodus and opens a dialogue between 19th century migrants and the present.

Created to acknowledge International Women’s Day, the exhibit calls for solidarity with all the courageous women leaving their countries in hope for a better life. Godin’s exhibit will support the well-known local charity “Mujeres en Cambio” celebrating their 25th year  of providing girls with financial means for their education. Godin lives and paints in Montreal, Canada, where she exhibits regularly and has spent the last 20 winters in San Miguel studying at Bellas Artes and with Ernesto de la Peña.

The exhibit will be on display from Friday, March 6, to Sunday, March 8 from noon to 7pm. Please join us and meet the artist. The reception will be in the public rooms of Casa de la Noche, located at Órganos 19 on Sunday, March 8, from 4-7pm.

For private showing: godinmargo@hotmail.com.