The Art of Wine at the Ayuntamiento Museum

The Art of Wine at the Ayuntamiento Museum

By Jesús Aguado

The Fundación Milenio y el Instituto Estatal de la Cultura (Millennium Foundation and State Institute of Culture) is currently presenting The Art of Wine at the Museo Histórico del Ayuntamiento de San Miguel de Allende (Historical Museum of the San Miguel de Allende Town Hall). The museum is located in the former Municipal Palace building that once housed the San Miguel town hall and prison at Plaza Principal 3, facing the Jardin.

Two of the museum’s rooms display 22 paintings related to wine and winemaking. The paintings range from beautiful landscapes of vineyards, to mythological depictions of Dionysius—god of wine—to abstract works of art. Now that San Miguel produces and exports wine, this is an appropriate exhibit for this multicultural space.

“The Art of Wine is presented as a pursuit of pleasure and beauty, and on the other hand, it is an investigation of the work of Mexican and Latin American painters,” said Avelina Lesper, director of Colección Milenio Arte, during the opening of the exhibit. She also added that for Guanajuatenses, this takes on greater historical significance because profits from winemaking helped to finance the insurgent armies during the War for Independence.

The artists exhibited are Antonio Gonzalez Orozco, Karima Muyaes, Larissa Barrera, Bernardo Loar, Jorge Obregon, Dalia Monroy, Victor Guadalajara, Armando Romero, Jorge Luna, Amador Montes, Aide Navarro, Fanny Karchmer, Saskia Verger, Jorge Vallejo, Pavel Égüez, Jazzamoart, Filemón Santiago, Gustavo Rico, and José Parra.

The exhibit can be seen from Monday through Saturday from 9am to 8pm, and on Sundays from 10am to 5pm through April. Entrance to the exhibition is 50 pesos (half price for students, seniors. and residents of San Miguel).