San Miguel de Allende’s first Holistic Fair

San Miguel de Allende’s first Holistic Fair
  • Community
  • “Feria Holistica”
  • Sat, Feb 29, 10am-4pm
  • Paprika Restaurante
  • Ancha de San Antonio 9A
  • By Azzah Manukova

Did you know that living right here in San Miguel de Allende there is a collection of amazing healers? Let me introduce them to you.

Come to the fair and find out about energy healing, tarot readers, plant medicine, psychotropic medicines, massage therapy, the use of crystals: how to clean them, how to charge them and how to use them the same as you would your computer, and much more. We would like to share all this knowledge with you so you can expand your mind and follow a new path to a healthier life.

For example, Chinese acupuncture is an ancient science based on our life force “Chi”. Chi flows along meridians which are rivers of energy running through our body the same as veins are rivers of blood that run through our bodies. This energy science has been around for thousands of years which means its validity has been proven.

What used to be called “woowoo” is slowly being proven by science to be real.

It’s not alternative medicine, it’s the original medicine, and it is natural medicine that can be traced back to our beginnings, which means it is time tested. Sound Energy is an ancient healing medicine that the Australian Aborigines have used. Now Scientist Victor Showell, describes 528 Hz as a frequency as fundamental to the ancient Pi and Phi mathematical ratios that appear throughout natural design.

The 528 Hz frequency is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydro-sonic restructuring. It is true what Edgar Cayce once said: “All healing is a change of vibration from within.”

There will be vendors with a great variety of products and some speakers answering questions and teaching us all about their healing sciences.

If you already know about all these sciences and their applications and would like to come and share with us you are very welcome to do so. On the other hand, if you don’t know anything about holistic healing but you’re curious you are very welcome too!

Come join the party!