Krystal and Monk in Concert

Krystal and Monk in Concert

“Krystal and Monk”
Wed and Thu, Feb 26 and 27, 6pm
Shelter Theater
Vicente Guerrero 4, San Rafael
Doors open 5.30pm
200 pesos

By Karl Schiffman

Long-time friends David Krystal and Russell Monk will perform separate sets of original songs in memory of the sadly shortened, quirky life of our buddy Steve (Rude) Feldman.

 Feldman was a pilgrim in a holy war with minimalism; he was a prophet of concrete parables and a problem when set loose on unsuspecting houses that needed an earthbound buyer. Our biker buddy was too good lookin’ for a dreamer: he was a big, slow moving bear with an explosive grin that could pop popcorn. No more. No more rides into the wilds of Mexico…damn!

Krystal’s soulful voice is reminiscent of Van Morrison, and he can make you feel love even when it’s not easily found. He is a well-known Toronto-based artist who has composed film scores and toured in the UK and Europe. He is a frequent visitor to San Miguel de Allende where he and Monk composed and recorded songs infused with the Mexican clamor of barking dogs, roosters, and church bells ringing in collaboration with the amazing guitarist Billy (Blanco) White. Kystal has blown away his audiences at venues like Quince in San Miguel: you won’t forget the passion he brings to his original songs.

Monk is a San Miguel local who has performed at the Rosewood Songwriter Festival and other venues around San Miguel. A professional fine arts photographer who has worked for the New York Times, Monk brings the keen observations of a visual artist to the gritty insights of his song lyrics. His growly, at times dyspeptic lyrics encircle his gentle, humanistic core values: think Billy Bragg on a bar stool telling you about the beautifully bleak contradictions of life lived at ground level. My favorite cut from his first album is: “All my friends are losers…I guess I’m just the same… I wouldn’t have it any other way.” That about says it all.

Come hear some cool songs and toast a fallen original. Adios Steve.