David Mendoza Presents a French Music Concert

David Mendoza Presents a French Music Concert

French Music Concert
By David Mendoza
Sat, Feb 29, 5:30pm
St Paul’s Church
Cardo 6
450 pesos
Tickets are available at:
Biblioteca Pública, Insurgentes 25.

By Andrea Aristizabal

Phenomenal violin player David Mendoza arrived in San Miguel de Allende four years ago as a street performer. The wonderful sounds of his heartfelt music filled the Jardín and caught the attention of the public.

In the sad times of our political climate, creating art is especially important.

Music has the power to transmute and transform sad feelings to joy and reconciliation. David has the wonderful gift of joy to share with others. His audiences feel involved and often sing along with his repertoire as he provides the good vibes that we all need.

Mendoza quickly became a local favorite in San Miguel, and his unique musical

interpretation is becoming known in the Americas. He traveled to Canada last year and has plans to visit the US this coming summer to share his amazing compositions of hope and love.

As a young composer, he creates music never heard before, mixing classical and jazz with new age and minimal melodies.

He and his band are close to a Grammy nomination. Michael Hoppé describes Mendoza as “a wonderfully expressive violin performer, [his music is] quite simply one of the most beautiful sounds one can hear in San Miguel de Allende.”

He is a multi-instrumental performer and describes himself as a mind composer who plays many instruments in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of music. He started learning piano at the age of 6, violin at the age of 7, drums at 13, and learned guitar and flute on his own. He wrote his first compositions at the age of 15 at his home in Mexico City.

A son of musicians, he grew up listening to Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, among many other great musicians. He has developed a style considered one of the most romantic sounds in contemporary Mexico, soon to be heard all over the world.

This musical star, currently living in San Miguel, will play gorgeous French music at St Paul’s Church, Cardo 6, on February 29, at 5:30pm joined by the amazing Guillaume B Pascual on accordion, talented Aldo Suarez on double bass, and magical Jose Cerdeneta on drums. There will be a surprise ending with more special guests. San Miguel residents are fortunate to witness the growth of this gifted, young artist, and the beginning of his successful career!

Andrea Aristizabal is a talented rock singer from Colombia currently living in San Miguel.