Consider an Older Pet

Consider an Older Pet

By Heidi Wulfers

As one of seven children growing up in a college town in Northeastern Ohio, I came to know and love many kinds of animals. My parents encouraged each of us to have pets of our own not only for the pleasure they brought but as a way to teach responsibility. We ended up with a menagerie: dogs, cats, fishes, canaries, ducks, hamsters, white mice, and a horse! My mother drew the line at boa constrictors!

I moved away from Ohio and pet ownership in 1974 when I went off to university. That lead to a life overseas. Animals just didn’t fit the world I was in.

Fast forward to 2000. I returned to the US, bought a home, and prepared to raise two young boys  six and nine years of age. Imagine! The thought of introducing a sense of responsibility to the next generation loomed large. In quick succession, we adopted a five-year-old breeder cat who had been put out to pasture when her breeding days were over. Then we adopted a four-year-old hound dog who had been taken away from her owners by a court order due to neglect. To fill out the family we adopted a one-year-old orange kitty who had been rescued with her sisters from a dumpster. Our home was filled with animals and the special joy they bring. They did not immediately love one another but over time became companionable, and we all coexisted happily.

Fast forward to 2019. My boys are grown and living in exciting faraway places. Our furry family has gone, one by one, to the rainbow bridge. So what now? Now I volunteer at the SPA here in San Miguel de Allende, and what wonderful loving special animals are here waiting for adoption.

Understandably, many animal lovers who come to the SPA want to adopt the young animals. They are so sweet, and so cute! But I must say, there are some amazing dogs and cats of a more mature age whom one can adopt. Xel-Ha and Trinidad are two cats that come to mind.

There are so many advantages to taking an older pet into one’s home. No potty training required! No clawing furniture or climbing curtains or eating shoes! A special bond is formed when older pets are adopted. They know they have been rescued and out of gratitude they give and give and give. I know this from personal experience.

The SPA is located at Los Pinos 7, 415 152 6124. Adoption hours are Monday-Saturday, 11am-2pm.