Between Realism and the Abstract

Between Realism and the Abstract

Art Exhibit
“Between Realism and the Abstract”
Berlin Bar & Bistro
Umarán 19, Centro
Mar and Apr, 5-10pm

By Hope Palmer.

Blazing down at the viewer from the walls in Berlin Bar & Bistro are the new abstracted landscapes of Richard Trumbull. It is hard to escape the jeweled passages of color reminiscent of places where you have traveled recently or in recaptured memory. The space presented in his window of the world is reductive. Usually we take the imaginative journey along roads and fields that direct and focus our attention on indistinct villages and towns in the distance, but what is at play here is not the exact interpretation of reality but the artist’s manipulation of color and space and the energy of the artist’s brush strokes. In these paintings, with their impasto of paint, we see an ongoing dialog with abstraction.

We are enveloped completely by the masterly handling of paint in a way that brings the mystery of creation to the forefront while we marvel at the manner of seduction, so brash yet tender, that his images induce. A new addition to our visual journey is the manner in which Trumbull obscures some of his passages with drips from his brush that imply traditional elements of landscapes. Unfettered falling lines of color mixed with layers of previous strokes create a rich mélange of texture and color that obscure an immediate reading of a known place. The mystery of what is presented to the viewer intrigues us, captures our imagination, and asks us to participate in his art. Because Trumbull’s painting is just abstract enough, his vision is connected to no particular city or country. The canvases, windows to a luxurious world filled with compressed, saturated color and tactile surfaces, open our world to a myriad of unknown interpretations. All we can ask of a painting is that its subject matter, whether based in reality or an abstraction, invites us, time and again, to bask in a fleeting moment of wonder and contemplation, only to return to our world invigorated by new relationships to a known discourse.

Stop by Berlin Bar & Bistro to view Trumbull’s work any time after 5pm, Monday through Saturday.