Welcome a Singular Approach to Contemporary Dance!

Welcome a Singular Approach to Contemporary Dance!

By Rocío Hernández

Dance Contemporary


Sun, Feb 23, 7pm

Teatro Ángela Peralta

Mesones 82, Centro

200 and 150 pesos

Free for children under 16

After having presented her choreography Los Cuatro Elementos at the Santa Ana Theater some years ago, Natalia Sirdey enters a new decade with a new show in collaboration with Orialys Hernández. Both dancers are graduates of the National School of Art at La Habana, Cuba, but spent many years apart before reuniting in Canada. Hernández, dancer and professor of contemporary dance, gained experience internationally in one of the most prestigious companies of the Cuban avant-garde movement, DanzAbierta, founded by Marianela Boán in the late 80s.  Sirdey is a performer who has been strongly interested in la mise-en-scène and the endless possibilities of human expression through the physical body. Her interest in these subjects has led her to explore the universe of martial arts (she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do); to work and study with Zab Maboungou, a contemporary approach to African Dance; and persue a diploma in Design.

With a shared vision of contemporary life, they present the dance duo: DO (path). In this piece, they offer a different approach that contrasts to an increasingly homogenized and frenetic world in which singularity, joy, and calm seem to be in danger. DOproposes a pause, a moment of reflection and stillness that allows us to tread the trail and rediscover not only ourselves but others around us. The staging of this work is meant to show harmony not as an end but rather as a path built from the beginning to the end of our existence. It also aims to promote harmony between individuality and collectivism, the internal and the external.

As a part of this mise-en scene, the music will be completely improvised. The two performers welcome a well-known percussionist, Victor Monterrubio, to join them and follow a dramatic line suggested by the dancers, creating an artistic dialogue between the two art forms. As such, audiences will never see the same show twice. Sirdey and Hernández believe it will be the beginning of an enduring artistic collaboration between them as well as many other local artists.

We hope you join us in this unique dance experience.

Tickets will be available at the theater box office and at Cine Bacco.