Magenta Gallery Showcases Talented Deaf Kids

Magenta Gallery Showcases Talented Deaf Kids

Art Opening
Gallery Cocktail Reception

Thu, Feb 20, 5–7pm
Magenta Gallery
Zacateros 26, Centro

By Sharon Doherty

The older students of Escuela de Educación Especial de San Miguel de Allende (EEESMA)
have been invited to display their handmade crafts and artwork at Magenta
Gallery for a one-time exhibition on February 20. The resident artists at
Magenta have offered their kind and generous support to help promote the
students’ work to the public alongside their own. This is an honor for our Deaf

Jewelry making and woodworking students of the San Miguel School for Special Education
have been busy replenishing their creations which flew off the shelves during
the holiday season. Stunning silver pieces and designer cutting boards are
offered at exceptional value by way of a donation to the school (cash only).

Included in the exhibition will be a showing of artist and student Fernando Irving. This
talented young man has been learning from and working alongside local artist
Cathy Taylor of Magenta Gallery. Taylor has been helping Irving perfect his
whimsical watercolor collages featuring churches and doors of San Miguel.
Beautifully matted, some also framed, these attractive pieces in soft pastel
will complement any interior décor. Please come by and offer your support to
this budding young Deaf artist.

The goal of EEESMA is to support young people who are Deaf in their quest to achieve viable
employment after their graduation from school. Besides art, jewelry making, and
woodworking, there is also a sewing workshop at the school. All classes are designed
to teach valuable skills to better equip the students for life in the work

Although one can easily recognize the value and understand the importance of vocational
training, providing a comprehensive academic education to young Deaf children
in San Miguel is EEESMA’s most vital program. The school offers preschool to
high school levels in a bilingual model of Mexican Sign Language and written
Spanish following the curriculum of the Secretary of Public Education in
Guanajuato. Learn more about the important work this non profit association
plays in the community by visiting the school’s website

The students offer their sincere thanks to all the artists at Magenta Gallery for including their work at the event.