Friday Is for Sharing

Friday Is for Sharing

By Jesús Aguado

February can be a good time to reflect on who we are, what we feel, and what we know and can do. A program of women helping women begins on February 14 and will meet on Fridays.

Viernes para Compartir (Friday for Sharing) is an initiative from the San Miguel Institute for Women, headed by Cinthya Sifuentes. The participants will share their abilities, knowledge, and experiences. Workshops, talks, and short training will be offered.

The idea is to create support groups and interaction among women in San Miguel de Allende and bring together participants and volunteers willing to share ideas to help preserve and restore the social fabric of the community.

“We invite all the women out there to join us; whether it is to learn, or to donate their time and share a Friday with other women. This will be a space where we can share our experience without judgment, as well as share our successes,” said director Sifuentes.

The Friday talks and workshops will take place at the Parque Manuel J. Clouthier, 1 de Mayo,   from 10am–noon and are open to all ages.

For more information contact the personnel of the IMAM 415 150 1718 or 415 150 1719.