Deaf Students Learn Skills

Deaf Students Learn Skills

“Deseñas Valentine’s Day Celebration”

Fri, Feb 14, 11am–2pm


Canal 152, Centro


By Sharon Doherty

The students of the Vocational Training Programs invite you, as friends, to come by their store Deseñas at Escuela de Educación Especial de San Miguel de Allende (EEESMA), for a celebration of El Día de San Valentin, more commonly referred to as El Día del Amor y la Amistad, the day of love and friendship. Cookies and coffee will be served. You will enjoy browsing through the many items handmade by the students, who are deaf, in the woodworking, silver jewelry, and sewing workshops. Many creations are made with a Valentine’s Day theme and will make unique and thoughtful gifts.

EEESMA is a non-profit association and all purchases at the store are considered donations. Your donation goes to cover overhead costs, purchase additional materials, and pay the students for their work. The goal is to support the students in their quest to achieve viable employment and to make the school more sustainable. They set the bar high and offer the public high quality and unique products–items that both the maker and the buyer will be proud of.

In addition, there is another sort of love fest happening at EEESMA: the love of sign language. Educators understand that Mexican Sign Language is the students’ lifeline to learning, developing socially and emotionally, expressing themselves, and establishing relationships. Unfortunately sign language is not readily available to Deaf children or their families in Mexico. EEESMA is working to change that. Offering academic programs from preschool to high school in a bilingual model of Mexican Sign Language and written Spanish, the children blossom right before our very eyes! The difference is obvious; they begin to smile more, and be more expressive, engaged, and energetic. In a society where the Deaf are commonly misunderstood, the support they provide to each other is more than necessary. In 2019 three young Deaf women attending EEESMA graduated from high school, a goal previously they and their families thought was impossible. They were able to accomplish this giant feat because they worked together. We invite you to learn more by visiting

Calling All Canadians! You’re also invited to a party! Come see the children of Escuela de Educación Especial de San Miguel perform sign language on stage live and alongside the Biblioteca Children’s Choir, at “Amistad Canada Celebrating 10 Years” to be held on

March 12, 2020, at Instituto Allende beginning at 4:30pm. Get your free tickets at: