Artist Uses Her Art to Confront the Epidemic of Loneliness

Artist Uses Her Art to Confront the Epidemic of Loneliness

Art Exhibit
What’s Love Got to Do With It?”
Sat, Feb 15,
Reception, 7–9pm
415 121 1022
Galería Nepantla
Pablo Yañez
9, Col Independencia

By Irma  Rosado Soto

On February 15 at 5pm, San Miguel de Allende artist Isis Rodríguez will unveil 12 new
paintings about her experience as a 55-year-old woman navigating dating
applications. The exhibit, “Crush! What’s Love Got to Do With It?” will take
place at Galería Nepantla, Pablo Yañez 9, Colonia Independencia in San Miguel.
Rodríguez is known for her darkly glamorous art works of masked women in
lingerie and military uniforms, symbolically confronting shame and guilt.

After the end of a relationship of 10 years, she decided to try Tinder as a way to escape
her loneliness and financial burdens. To her surprise she got over 100 likes in
less than eight hours, but only one wrote to her. She says: “What frustrated me
about Tinder is the lack of communication and pictures. People neither write
about themselves nor post any pictures, leaving me suspicious and nothing to
engage with.”

She turned to online dating coaches for advice and they said that the woman has to make
the first move, which goes against what she was taught by her parents. As a
consequence, her pick up line on Tinder became, “So is it true, that women have
to make the first move?” Suddenly, she had all kinds of engagement and went on
10 dates. The artist says: “The fact that women have to make the first
move is telling in how men have been crushed by rejection and disappointments.
I immediately thought of the English slang word, “crush” which defined
perfectly a double entendre, which means you are infatuated for someone, but
can be devastated by the outcome.”

Rodriguez created a male archetype of a man wearing a bull mask and a female archetype
that is a nurse wearing a cougar pelt to embody modern perceptions, desire, and
fears about love.  Utilizing the
techniques of the great European masters, she places her archetypes in
nighttime scenes, portraits, and still lives, creating a contemporary mythology
on the topic of conflicted love. The artist says: “My art has the power to
soothe the loneliness epidemic by provoking conversations between singles which
could be a real ice breaker.”

The exhibition opens on Saturday, February 15, from 5–7pm at Galería Nepantla,
Pablo Yañez 9 in Colonia Independencia. At 7pm, there will be a singles
cocktail hour with a special piñata and DJ spinning the hottest Latin
electronica. This event is free to the public. The art exhibit will continue
until April 30, 2020. For more information contact Rodríguez at or 52 415 121 1022.